Zoomies doggy day care guests can play all day in their spacious 8,000-square-feet of indoor dog parks. Zoomies has three large day care areas where your dog can be comfortable with playmates their own size and temperament level.

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How does it work?

A daycare group ride is being booked for both AM pick-up and PM drop-off for the same day. If your dog goes to boarding and will stay there overnight, we can provide you with a custom pick-up and drop-off package based on availability - only upon request.

We can only accept existing Zoomies customers. If you have never been to Zoomies please ensure you book an assessment and your free trial today.

Zones & Pricing

Who wants their dog to spend more than an hour on a journey to daycare? This is why Furry Taxi will offer group rides by area, ensuring your dog's journey is quick and remains affordable. If your area isn't currently serviced, please let us know. We welcome all requests to better understand customer demand and to service your area more swiftly.

Zone 1 (Yellow) - 100 AED

Zone 2 (Green) - 120 AED


If you are going to be using the Furry Taxi on a regular basis we will offer the below discounts:

Zone 1 (100 AED per ride)

  • 10 rides: -10% = 900 AED
  • 20 rides: -15% = 1,700 AED
  • 30 rides: -20% = 2,400 AED

Zone 2 (120 AED per ride)

  • 10 rides: -10% = 1,080 AED
  • 20 rides: -15% = 2,040 AED
  • 30 rides: -20% = 2,880 AED

These discounts are bought in packages and need to be paid up front. Those credits do not have an expiry date.

Booking & Pricing

The above prices do include morning pick-up and evening drop-off. Based on availability, we can also accept only a morning pick-up or evening drop off the same day at half the price.

Safety First

Your dog's safety is our top priority. We operate luxurious 8-seater pet taxis and accommodate up to 3 pets per ride. Each dog will have a full row to itself and will be separated from other dogs to ensure a comfortable journey to Zoomies.

Each dog will also be securely fastened at two points and will be accompanied by an experienced pet handler.

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